Sisters in Skydiving Shoot!

Hello my friends!


I just finished and project and wanted to share it with all of you! The series was SIS (sisters  in Skydiving) Its a women group that mentors young women and helps them make better life choices they help young women over come fears and become empowered. The event that I took pictures at was to raise money for breast cancer. The whole group was amazing they came from all walks of life from state troopers to homemakers and everything in between. I showed up at about 11am and got to meet everyone it was the most exciting experience. I have never skydived or even watched it so the whole thing was new and interesting to me.

I have to say it was one of the hardest photo series I have ever shot. What made it so hard was we had no real place to set up multiple lights because the whole area was a drop zone and we had to keep it clear for the girls to land. So the way we pulled it off was to use walking light stands ( my assistant Joe carrying a light stand) I had to wait for them to land and run over and snap a few images before the next girl landed. I wanted the look of someone that just jumped with the big beautiful chutes still blowing in the wind. To get the lighting right because it was outdoors and always changing I would test fire on someone just standing around. It was hard to keep my lights over powering the sun because I was using White Lighting 1600’s and they only put out 640ws of power and they don’t have a short flash duration. So to actually catch a shot without unwanted blur was tough. I must have had at least 50 images I had to keep reshooting to get them just right. I wanted to use ProFoto but this whole series was on the fly with no budget to rent any gear. So I made due with what I had and it worked out great 🙂 I hope you guys love this series as much as I loved shooting it! If you get the chance look up  Sisters in Skydiving they really do amazing stuff for young women. To see more images please visit my site


Thanks for reading!




For all you tech geeks like me here is my set up for the shoot.

Camera: Phase One p30+ on a 645DF+

Lens: 80mm L.S

Lee Filters: .9 ND

Lights: White Lighting x1600 in a large soft box

Remote: Pocket Wizard plus II



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