Its been a long time friends !!

Hi Everyone!!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I am back now and will be posting new work and cool content for you guys!! Since the last time I’ve been on a lot has happened. I have been signed by an agent in Europe!!!!! This has to be the coolest thing that has happened to me in a long time I must say 🙂 I have been submitting to photo agencies for around 3 years now and its a tough nut to crack! The reason why I wanted to seek representation is 3 things

  1. Better rates

As a photographer I always want to keep my rates fair. The problem is knowing what I’m worth I don’t want to give my work away for free however I don’t want to over charge and lose clients. This is where an agent is gold!!! They know exactly how to price my work and get me the clients that are willing to pay that amount.

2. More clients!

Okay in order to make it as a photographer you have to have people to take pictures of right? A photo agent is in the business of connecting the photographer with the client. Most photo agents already have a list of clients they work with on a regular basis and have a good relationship with. This is awesome it doesn’t mean I get to stop marketing it actually means I have to market more. The only difference is now I have someone on my team that knows this business better than me and will make sure I get a lot more of the clients I’m trying to work with. The best part is the agent will help me weed out the clients that would usually just consume time and not pay very much. I would be getting higher end clientele…

3. Types of client

As a small time advertising photographer I mostly work with small businesses (not that this is a bad thing) .. However I want the chance to work with larger companies and publications. The problem is I have been contacting most of these “dream clients” and since I had no rep or wasn’t a big name photographer they wouldn’t give me a chance. With an agent I get to actually work with these clients. Proposing a shoot to a large company with an agent just shows them you are more serious than the average “hobby photographer” so you are much more likely to make a connection and actually get to work with them. Im not saying its a guarantee I will walk away with all these huge clients and end of story lol.. What I’m saying is I have better odds if I come in to any large shoot when I have a rep by my side vs coming in by myself..

All in all this is exciting for me its a new chance to continue to grow. I want to keep growing and evolving as a photographer. I love everything about what I do but the key to being amazing at what I do is to never sit around never get comfortable and always make myself  better always try harder and learn from my mistakes. This is one more step in the right direction :):):)

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About joshcutillophotographer

Im a NYC based commercial/Advertising Photographer:)
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