Getting Your Work Noticed!!!

In my opinion if you make beautiful work and no one sees it then your only doing 50% of the job. Im not saying that all the hard work is for no reason. I am not a photographer because I want fame and fortune I take pictures because I love taking pictures.. Pretty simple.. What I am saying is you have to get the most out of all your blood ,sweat, and tears. so all your hard work doesnt go unnoticed. So here is a few tips to get your work the attention it deserves. First there is social media nothing like free outlets to show off some of those great pics. Sites I like using flickr/facebook/model mayhem/500pix/twitter/deviantart/dp challenge/collages these are just a few that will get you thousands of hits and cost nothing. The next is free photo contests these are the best way to meet with your viewers up close and personal. Most cities will have art shows where you can (for free) bring your prints to be viewed and judged. I have done over 200 of these already and its always good for drumming up new business and meeting the clients and breaking the ice. My last way in getting work noticed is to start a photo series and make a body of 30+ images and have a gallery show ( I know this sounds expensive ) believe it or not most galleries will sponsor your show for a percentage of the sales with no up front cost. This not only brings you into the art scene of your city but it builds your confidence and skill at the same time. so if you are having trouble finding new customers or just want the world to see your art maybe some of these suggestions will help you out.. Good luck guys and keep clicking:))Image


About joshcutillophotographer

Im a NYC based commercial/Advertising Photographer:)
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6 Responses to Getting Your Work Noticed!!!

  1. Interesting post. A hard job when there’s so much activity out there.

    • there is alot of flood in the market mike but most of it isn’t very good. 60% of photographers out there today have no clue what they are doing. They but a camera and say their a photographer. This means people with skill are still going to get the attention if they put themselves out there 🙂

  2. I had alot of feedback from a gallery show in the West Village in NYC.. I am doing 3 more this summer when I get my dates you should come by>

  3. Vrinda says:

    See, this is where it gets tricky. It’s so easy to click that shutter, so easy to edit however you like.. but getting people to see your work? Much harder. These are some good suggestions, and a good reminder to get those photos out into circulation. Thanks!

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