New Grids:: Check it out!!

Short post this time but im excited to be working with my new set of grids>>These days I grid every single light I use because I need exact control over every light I use. I for a while only gridded my Octabanks/softboxes/stripboxes/beauty dishes. I found that I love to use smaller light sources because my editing style requires me to have carved highlights and shadows. I was originally using my PCB 7 in reflectors completely bare and flagged the heck out of them and this took a long long long time. So I finally gave in and grabbed grids for all 9 of my lights. I took a picture for who ever is reading to enjoy. I will exclaim the lighting so starting here is the picRocker April

Here are the details

Camera: Canon 5d Mark II

Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8 is



1. Wl 1600 cam left in 7 in reflector gridded 20deg @f11

2. Wl 1600 cam Right in 7 in reflector gridded 30deg @f11

3. Wl 800 boomed camera center in 22in BD gridded 30 deg @f9

4. Wl 1600 into BG bare in 7 inch Cam right @f9

5.Wl 800 cam front waist level in med gridded softbox for fill @f5.6



Hope you like and feel free to comment>>


About joshcutillophotographer

Im a NYC based commercial/Advertising Photographer:)
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