Sisters in Skydiving Shoot!

Hello my friends!


I just finished and project and wanted to share it with all of you! The series was SIS (sisters  in Skydiving) Its a women group that mentors young women and helps them make better life choices they help young women over come fears and become empowered. The event that I took pictures at was to raise money for breast cancer. The whole group was amazing they came from all walks of life from state troopers to homemakers and everything in between. I showed up at about 11am and got to meet everyone it was the most exciting experience. I have never skydived or even watched it so the whole thing was new and interesting to me.

I have to say it was one of the hardest photo series I have ever shot. What made it so hard was we had no real place to set up multiple lights because the whole area was a drop zone and we had to keep it clear for the girls to land. So the way we pulled it off was to use walking light stands ( my assistant Joe carrying a light stand) I had to wait for them to land and run over and snap a few images before the next girl landed. I wanted the look of someone that just jumped with the big beautiful chutes still blowing in the wind. To get the lighting right because it was outdoors and always changing I would test fire on someone just standing around. It was hard to keep my lights over powering the sun because I was using White Lighting 1600’s and they only put out 640ws of power and they don’t have a short flash duration. So to actually catch a shot without unwanted blur was tough. I must have had at least 50 images I had to keep reshooting to get them just right. I wanted to use ProFoto but this whole series was on the fly with no budget to rent any gear. So I made due with what I had and it worked out great 🙂 I hope you guys love this series as much as I loved shooting it! If you get the chance look up  Sisters in Skydiving they really do amazing stuff for young women. To see more images please visit my site


Thanks for reading!




For all you tech geeks like me here is my set up for the shoot.

Camera: Phase One p30+ on a 645DF+

Lens: 80mm L.S

Lee Filters: .9 ND

Lights: White Lighting x1600 in a large soft box

Remote: Pocket Wizard plus II


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Fall is on the way!!

Hey friends!!


Looks like its getting close to that time a year again. I will miss summer but something about fall is just awesome. I love the colors the smells and the whole mood fall puts me in. I am going to be posting a bunch of images soon . I try to spend most of the fall shooting family portraits I find it more fun than working in a studio. I love going out and meeting different people in different places.. 🙂



So what do you guys like to do in the fall?? Its hard for me to say.. I love to camp take pictures and go to haunted houses with some hot apple cider:)Web1stspicer

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Its been a long time friends !!

Hi Everyone!!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I am back now and will be posting new work and cool content for you guys!! Since the last time I’ve been on a lot has happened. I have been signed by an agent in Europe!!!!! This has to be the coolest thing that has happened to me in a long time I must say 🙂 I have been submitting to photo agencies for around 3 years now and its a tough nut to crack! The reason why I wanted to seek representation is 3 things

  1. Better rates

As a photographer I always want to keep my rates fair. The problem is knowing what I’m worth I don’t want to give my work away for free however I don’t want to over charge and lose clients. This is where an agent is gold!!! They know exactly how to price my work and get me the clients that are willing to pay that amount.

2. More clients!

Okay in order to make it as a photographer you have to have people to take pictures of right? A photo agent is in the business of connecting the photographer with the client. Most photo agents already have a list of clients they work with on a regular basis and have a good relationship with. This is awesome it doesn’t mean I get to stop marketing it actually means I have to market more. The only difference is now I have someone on my team that knows this business better than me and will make sure I get a lot more of the clients I’m trying to work with. The best part is the agent will help me weed out the clients that would usually just consume time and not pay very much. I would be getting higher end clientele…

3. Types of client

As a small time advertising photographer I mostly work with small businesses (not that this is a bad thing) .. However I want the chance to work with larger companies and publications. The problem is I have been contacting most of these “dream clients” and since I had no rep or wasn’t a big name photographer they wouldn’t give me a chance. With an agent I get to actually work with these clients. Proposing a shoot to a large company with an agent just shows them you are more serious than the average “hobby photographer” so you are much more likely to make a connection and actually get to work with them. Im not saying its a guarantee I will walk away with all these huge clients and end of story lol.. What I’m saying is I have better odds if I come in to any large shoot when I have a rep by my side vs coming in by myself..

All in all this is exciting for me its a new chance to continue to grow. I want to keep growing and evolving as a photographer. I love everything about what I do but the key to being amazing at what I do is to never sit around never get comfortable and always make myself  better always try harder and learn from my mistakes. This is one more step in the right direction :):):)

JOceane for web

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Getting Your Work Noticed!!!

In my opinion if you make beautiful work and no one sees it then your only doing 50% of the job. Im not saying that all the hard work is for no reason. I am not a photographer because I want fame and fortune I take pictures because I love taking pictures.. Pretty simple.. What I am saying is you have to get the most out of all your blood ,sweat, and tears. so all your hard work doesnt go unnoticed. So here is a few tips to get your work the attention it deserves. First there is social media nothing like free outlets to show off some of those great pics. Sites I like using flickr/facebook/model mayhem/500pix/twitter/deviantart/dp challenge/collages these are just a few that will get you thousands of hits and cost nothing. The next is free photo contests these are the best way to meet with your viewers up close and personal. Most cities will have art shows where you can (for free) bring your prints to be viewed and judged. I have done over 200 of these already and its always good for drumming up new business and meeting the clients and breaking the ice. My last way in getting work noticed is to start a photo series and make a body of 30+ images and have a gallery show ( I know this sounds expensive ) believe it or not most galleries will sponsor your show for a percentage of the sales with no up front cost. This not only brings you into the art scene of your city but it builds your confidence and skill at the same time. so if you are having trouble finding new customers or just want the world to see your art maybe some of these suggestions will help you out.. Good luck guys and keep clicking:))Image

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New Grids:: Check it out!!

Short post this time but im excited to be working with my new set of grids>>These days I grid every single light I use because I need exact control over every light I use. I for a while only gridded my Octabanks/softboxes/stripboxes/beauty dishes. I found that I love to use smaller light sources because my editing style requires me to have carved highlights and shadows. I was originally using my PCB 7 in reflectors completely bare and flagged the heck out of them and this took a long long long time. So I finally gave in and grabbed grids for all 9 of my lights. I took a picture for who ever is reading to enjoy. I will exclaim the lighting so starting here is the picRocker April

Here are the details

Camera: Canon 5d Mark II

Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8 is



1. Wl 1600 cam left in 7 in reflector gridded 20deg @f11

2. Wl 1600 cam Right in 7 in reflector gridded 30deg @f11

3. Wl 800 boomed camera center in 22in BD gridded 30 deg @f9

4. Wl 1600 into BG bare in 7 inch Cam right @f9

5.Wl 800 cam front waist level in med gridded softbox for fill @f5.6



Hope you like and feel free to comment>>

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